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Satya silent retreat was life changing, relaxing but also intense.

Healing & blissful. I will walk away from this retreat at a whole new octave. Grateful and have so many reasons to come back and do more retreats at Satya.

- Kavita 

I can not say enough good things about the space as a whole. Upon arrival I immediately felt comfortable and encouraged. Being here was right where I was suppose to be. 

I recommend this experience for anyone wanting to get away from the busyness and find inner peace and remember what life is truly about. 

- Yana

If you are ready to really look into yourself, this is the place in sedona. I sit silent and allow myself to receive whatever comes to me. healing, awareness, tears and insights. so much was gifted by this land and reset. 

- Ako

Powerful teacher. Transformative teachings, inspirational land and venue. I left the retreat feeling connected, strong, grateful, and full of love. 

- Eric

This three day silent retreat allowed me to dive deep inside, observe and reflect my life with the most stunning views of nature. I felt safe and comfortable unfolding & surrender in meditations. It is truly and amazing journey of self - discovery. 

- Chloe

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