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See what others had to say after experiencing a silent retreat with Satya Sedona.



"I felt like I was in such good hands with Sitara as my guide. She created the perfect atmosphere for deep healing and very deep meditation and contemplation. This will become a yearly ritual!"


"So much space is given with pure intention that profound healing and reprogramming takes place for each person's unique journey."


"It brought back a deep sense of peace and clarity that my heart desired."


"I didn't know what to expect sitting in silence day after day, but something inside of me knew it was exactly what i was yearning for. I found myself, my true self."


"Their meditation retreat is undeniably the most amazing life-changing experience I have had the pleasure to attend. If you are reading this, and considering joining a program, book it now. Life is too short to miss this."


"Sitara has dedicated her life to this work and fully, and humbly, embodies all that she teaches with a playful, caring heart."


"A jumpstart and renewal for anyone on the spiritual path"


"This practice and program took me deeper, faster and with more consistency and gentleness than any other yoga or meditation program I have ever experienced. I am forever changed for the better."


"The container of silence in unison with deep spiritual wisdom and teachings allowed for deep integration and understanding of the vastness non-duality, the spiritual heart, and the purpose and benefits of yoga and meditation."
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